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A park is more than just the playground. Universal Park is 18 acres of recreational space for individuals of all ages and abilities.

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By partnering with community-based nonprofits, industry leaders and parks and recreation professionals, we’re able to create play opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Tenia Fisher & Damian Buchman – Good Things Brewing (S2: Episode 3)

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Moss Universal Park breaking ground to offer inclusive recreation access

The Ability Center, in collaboration with Milwaukee County and design partners from IMPACT Parks, is set to hold a groundbreaking...

Groundbreaking of Nation’s First Universally Inclusive Park

When some people go to a park, they run, jump and play without a second thought. But for others, it’s...

A look at Moss Universal Park, where people of all abilities will get exhausted from play

When some people go to a park, they run, jump and play without a second thought. But for others, it’s...


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Those Who INSPIRE Us


Alice is as adorable, active, funny and smart as any three-year old you’re likely to meet. To the people who know and love her, Alice is an unstoppABLE force. Her older brother is typically abled. Alice uses a wheelchair. There are plenty of playgrounds where Alice lives, but only two are considered accessible. They’re better than nothing, but they’re designed for kids like Alice, not her brother. There’s not much Alice can do at the other playgrounds, so sometimes she gets left behind. Alice belongs everywhere just like everyone else, but that’s not the world she’s growing up in. She deserves better.

Those Who INSPIRE Us


Our friend Deb is an amputee. Her granddaughter is typically abled. When Deb takes her to most playgrounds, they can’t play together. Deb can’t “get in the giggles” as she likes to say. Worse, she can’t let her granddaughter explore the rest of the park, because Deb can’t explore the rest of the park.

Deb deserves better than this, and so does her granddaughter. They deserve to explore together.

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